Do you want to make your Java app extensible and easy for others to add functionality?

Are you struggling with OSGI and are looking for a simpler solution?

Are you in a classpath hell because your app talks to too many things and everything sits in your classpath?

In this article, I’ll try to offer some solutions to these problems often encountered by folks, as the application grows through its lifecycle.

When do I need a Plugin architecture?

A plugin architecture might make sense for the following set of problems

  • Your app offers a certain set of functionalities and it also interacts with a bunch of other…

Do you want to move your app to Google Kubernetes Engine? Then read on.

Treat this like a getting-started guide. It will not go into details/concepts but rather help you get you started on GKE quickly.

The general outline of the steps are as follows:

  • Prepare your Docker image. Guess what? You should be able to run the same app engine docker image on GKE without any problems! (if you use the same service account). However, you might wanna consider a cleaner option.
  • Prepare and setup your Kubernetes cluster. …

Are you using MySQL on Google Cloud as your database service? Do you want to enable ‘full’ UTF-8 support to enable emojis, for example, in your database? Then read on.

Some to you may not know but the default utf8 character set in MySQL is not fully compliant with the UTF-8 standard. MySQL later on introduced the utf8mb4 encoding for solving this problem.

This blog by Mathias does a fantastic job in outlining the exact steps for fixing the MySQL side of the problem. However, there are certain differences in getting it to work on Google Cloud.


Before we get…

Suvodeep Pyne

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